Saturday, April 16, 2011

MyWorld Version 2

Assalammualaikum wbt...

sorry bcoz taking such a long tyme 2 update dis blog.. it is bcoz i'm having such a buzy life-style right now, 
day-tyme i'm buzy with my studies and my night-tyme i'm working part-tyme at a restoran to earn some pocket money.. InsyaAllah at dis 1st come-back, i'll try my best to write @ post sumthing if there is sumthing good, bad, happy @ sad story dat i want to share with you.. oh yes, b4 i forgot, i had deleted all of da older posts, bcoz i want to make this come-back to be sumthing fresh for u all!! love u all, and thx 4 ur concerns bout my blog.. and 4 da blogwalkers, feel free to promote your blog at my chatbox.. hehe.. Love U All !!!

p/s : pls wish me luck for my final exam!!