Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'm back. i'm sorry if u see i didn't have any new post in my blog. 
by the way, how are you all doing? i hope you all will be fine.. ^^,

the semester break had came, i am neither working nor doing intersession. i'll spend my semester break doing whatever i think i didn't do for a long time. for example, FISHING. yeah, i did miss my rods. i hope i can learn more about fishing this semester break.

but this semester break i have few mission to be accomplish : 

  • to have a BlackBerry (already in progress..yeah!)
  • to hang out with old friends 
  • to have a new watch (DONE! thanks to mama!!)
  • to buy new sandals and shoes 
  • to find my Cinderella her shoes (this is the difficult part)
  • and most important thing, i want to make her happy in any way 

i wish i can accomplish all my mission within this semester break.. PEACE!! ^^,

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