Wednesday, June 1, 2011


love? what can i say bout love.. love is not just give and take..
love have a lot more meanings.. so these are my opinions bout love :

  • it is about trust - don't love someone if you don't trust him/her
  • it is about loyalty - make sure your heart is just fit for one person. not more than one!!
  • it is about commitment - if you don't ready for commitment, so stop thinking bout LOVE!!
  • it is about completing - nobody is perfect.. so we needs each other to make it perfect.
  • it is about honesty - this is the main rule of love for me. 
  • it is about sharing - share your joy, sadness, knowledge and LIFE..
  • it is about concerned - do concern what is happening to him/her
  • it is about jealousy - it really happens when you're really in love with him/her
  • it is about teasing - haha, believe me when i say that you'll always do this to your partner
  • and many more... haha

okay, this is just my opinion bout love.. maybe u have other opinions about love that u want to share with me? ^^,  

1 comment:

  1. when u r redi 2 acept his love then u r redi 2 being loyal,trust n honest to him..:)